Have your bed measurements handy! You will need to know the length, width, and depth of your mattress to ensure the proper fit.
Purchase three sets of sheets per bed. This will permit one set for the bed, one for the laundry, and one for the linen closet.
Know your fiber:

Cotton is generally the most desirable fabric for sheets. Cotton fiber has a hollow core so it "breathes," taking in moisture from the skin to keep you comfortable in warm or cool temperatures. It is durable and launders well.

Sateen is a high quality cotton fabric made in a satin weave. Silk-like to the touch, sateen has all the wonderful qualities of natural fiber.
Linen, woven from flax, is extremely durable. It is soft, strong and lustrous, and grows silkier with each washing. Linen's cool, smooth finish makes it particularly inviting in the summer months.

Silk sheeting is also available. Soft, warm and very sensuous to the touch, silk is both very expensive and quite delicate, requiring extra care in laundering.
Satin sheets are generally made from acrylic or polyester, a man-made fiber. Although smooth and sensuous to the touch, acrylic fabrics have very low moister absorbency.
Thread Count:

​​Thread Count is a measure of how many threads-warps (lengthwise) and weft (widthwise)-are woven into one square inch of fabric. With finer threads, like those of Egyptian cotton, more can be woven into each square inch, producing a softer, finer fabric. Good-quality sheets start at 200 thread count.  The higher the thread count, the more luxurious the feel of a fabric.
While thread count is a great way to compare sheets, there are many other qualities to consider.  The quality of the cotton will make quite a difference in the feel, or the "hand" of the sheet.  The longer the pieces of cotton that is woven, the better the quality.  Short strands of fiber will break easier which causes "pilling".  This is why there are 200 thread count sheets that are considered "quality".
Also, by industry standards, a sheet can be called an "Egyptian Cotton" sheet as long as it contains at least 10% Egyptian cotton.  The balance is usually a low quality cotton and results in a coarser hand.  Look instead for sheets labeled "100% Egyptian Cotton" for better quality.
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