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Trendsetter Collection

Once in a while a hotel may try buying towels or sheets from a foreign supplier, because the goods may initially appear to be cheaper. However, we deliver 100% perfect product, without exception. And, if ever a single piece misses the eagle eyes of our quality assurance team, we can replace the item immediately. We also can fill most institutional orders within a couple of weeks, even for thousands and thousands of pieces. Compare that to order lead times from international suppliers, typically three months or so.  We are very proud of our customer testimonials, such as the five star Makati hotel that called at 10:00 am one day and asked how soon we could deliver 300 bath towels. They were astonished when we delivered the entire order only three hours later, including dealing with heavy traffic on SLEX and EDSA!  Our plant in Merville, Paranaque is so close to most major properties in metro Manila that savvy buyers know they can count on us, day in, day out.  
Please remember that we can provide a wide range of product from budget to world-class luxury, always representing the best value for the money.  Items requiring custom weaving, such as “embossed” towels and mats, or custom printed sheets, have larger minimum quantities and require longer lead times than unadorned goods. Elegant embroidery is done in our own factory in Merville, and is the frequent choice of hoteliers and other operators who want more contrasting color and have shorter lead times.  For inquiries on custom hospitality bed and bath linens, click on the “Custom Hospitality Linens” link here or below.
For details on our exclusive hospitality linen and uniform full-service leasing program, including laundry and cleaning, please click on this link or on “SnowWhite Fabrique Services” below.  Outsource your linens to us and focus on guest creation and satisfaction!
For details on hospitality bath linens, including towels, wash/face clothes, mats, rugs, robes, slippers, pool towels, and more, commonly used by hotels, resorts, motels, spas, please click on this link or below.

For details on hospitality room linens, including sheets, pillow cases and shams, mattress enhancers, bed and pillow protectors, pillows, bolsters, comforters, duvets and covers, bed runners, and more, as commonly used by hotels, resorts, motels, spas, please click on this link or below.

For details on hospitality food and beverage linens, including tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and table runners, banquet skirting, bar and kitchen towels and linens, chair covers, and every specialty “F&B” linen needed, as commonly used by hotels, resorts, restaurants, caterers, and other food and beverage operators, please click on this link or below.  
For further information on hospitality room and bath amenities (soaps, shampoos, etc.) and extras (razors, combs, candles, fragrances, etc.), all rooms division consumable supplies, including custom print, please click on this link or below.

For further information on hospitality rooms division durable goods, such as luggage, service, housekeeping and maintenance carts, room and desk accessories, and so forth, please click on this link or below.

For further information on hospitality industry Food and Beverage (F&B) and events durable goods, such as room service, banquet, catering, buffet, and kitchen equipment, please click on this link or below.

At Trendsetter, we care!

Hospitality Linens:

TRENDSETTER knows hospitality. The leading resorts and hotels of the Philippines have been our most loyal customers for more than a decade. Why? Because we have always taken the time to care, to respect, to ask questions and to listen, to pay attention to their needs, before we provide solutions.  We test our fabrics extensively for durability, shrinkage, color fastness, feel and ease of care before we ever offer finished goods. No one offers more reliable solutions to hospitality linen needs than Trendsetter. 

We’re proud to operate one of the largest and most modern manufacturing plants in Southeast Asia, and we maintain what we believe is the largest inventory of bed, bath and table linens raw materials in the country.  Combine that capacity with our expertise and fanatical devotion to satisfying our customers and NO ONE can respond faster to hospitality industry needs. .
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For Linen and Towels inquiries pls. text 09178010786