Sleeping on a Down Feather bed is a luxurious experience. It is a feather-filled topper that is placed over the mattress or under the sheet to increase the comfort of a traditional mattress. Our feather beds cradle your body in comfort while providing support.
Down Versus Feathers: Down is unique for its ability to "loft" and trap air inside a cotton fabric shell that provides unusual warmth without weight. Feathers lack these characteristics and are not suitable for use in comforters.
Goose down is superior to duck down. The larger clusters fluff up or loft better to produce a higher insulating quality. Unless a comforter is labeled "Goose down," it is probably duck.

Whether you’re after a light summer duvet, a cozy winter warmer or something in between, we have a wide range of duvets to suit your every need. Don’t forget the new sheets and pillowcases to match.

Duvet Covers:
Duvet Covers are envelopes of fabric that button, snap or fold to close over the duvet. They are not only decorative, but protect your comforter from soil, moisture and body oils. The all-in-one package of a duvet and cover can eliminate the need for blankets, spreads and even flat sheets. Easily removed for washing, they should be made of high quality, washable fabric.
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