A Bed Skirt, also known as a Dust Ruffle, is designed to hide the boxspring. In addition to being functional, the bed skirt also offers a way to introduce an additional color, pattern, and style to your bedroom.  There are two styles of bed skirts: tailored, and gathered/ruffled.
The construction of these bed skirts may be either paneled or platform.
Paneled bed skirts come in three pieces that can be easily fastened to the box spring and adjusted to the desired drop of your box spring.  This wonderful new feature allows you to quickly put on your bed skirt without having to lift your mattress. 
Especially nice for laundering and maintenance.
Platform bed skirts come as one piece and require lifting the mattress in order to place squarely over the box spring.

What you need to know when purchasing your bed skirt.
What is the length of your box spring?
What is the width of your box spring?
What is the drop (measurement from the floor to the top of the box spring)?
The drop will help determine the length of your bed skirt. A standard length is between 14-16 inches; however, if your drop is not standard you may need to have a bed skirt custom made to meet your bed's exact measurements.  Pioneer Linens carries 14-22 inch bed skirts.
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